Synthetic Rattan A New Generation of Wicker Furniture

ECOLENE is a polyethylene synthetic wicker which has been developed to meet all standard specifications for outdoor furniture. The outdoor rattan range is made from ecolene. Our latest extrusion technology is specially designed to create a synthetic wicker to be more durable with a natural look and feel, insensitive to temperature differences and free from cracking, peeling, splintering and corrosion.ECOLENE has become the only sythetic wicker which can withstand to UV radiation (300-340mm wave length), heat, oxidation, high moisture, mold and mildew as well as heavy metal free.

Unlike natural rattan and other synthetic wicker, ecolene has been specially formulated to give the following distinguishing characteristics:

–          It has a textured surface that looks and feels like natural rattan, wood and abacca.

–          It is fabricated to endure rgorous outdoor conditions

–          It is resistant to moisture, sea water and chlorinated water

–          It is strong and durable

–          It does not contain polyvinyl choride (PVC)

–          It has colorants and preservatices that are free of heavy metals

–          It is washable and requires little maintenance

–          It is 100% recyclable

Strength & Integrity

A sturdy aluminium structure frame ensures the strength and integrity of this synthetic wicker furniture.




  • Ecolene is specially designed to use in all weather conditions and have been engineered to tolerate temperatures from -70°C to 70°C.
  • Whether outdoor rattan is exposed to harsh summer sun of freezing winter cold the colour will not fade or degrade.
  • However we would recommend the furniture be stored away in the winter months or used with a furniture cover.
  • Ecolene have been engineered to be resistant to rain, salt, chlorine, lotion and alcoholto make product compatible to daily life.
  • It is also resistant to insect, termites, fungus and mould.

No special maintenance is required. Simply wipe the surface with clean, damp cloth. A quick wash with a mild detergent every three months is also recommended.

This is a smart choice for your lifestyle.